Earthquakes Know No Borders: Act Now for Syrian Women

URGENT: A 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Türkiye and Northern Syria has brought devastation to thousands. With the death toll rising, the region's most vulnerable population - women and girls caught at the intersection of war and natural disaster - need support.

Women and girls in conflict and crisis are at greater risk of sexual violence, domestic abuse, trafficking and child marriage, bearing the financial demands of the entire family while their own needs are often overlooked or ignored during humanitarian response. This is unacceptable, and after 11 years of war the situation in Syria is made worse by limited infrastructure and resources, adding to the deep trauma of women survivors of war and their families.

Local rescue teams in Northwest Syria are largely operating on their own in extremely difficult conditions, amid severe shortages of capacity and equipment. Join us in calling for a coordinated and women-centered international humanitarian response to the earthquake in Türkiye and Northern Syria >>

Join Women for Women International and Women Now for Development to demand:

  1. That the United Nations and wider international community apply pressure to all powers controlling the Syrian borders (air and land routes) to enable the immediate access of humanitarian assistance - including aid, rescue teams and equipment. 

  2. A substantial increase in financial commitments from donors and UN member states specifically for the earthquake response.

  3. A gender-sensitive response, for example by providing support to women-led and focused organizations; supporting women’s healthcare including maternity health and obstetrics; and promoting immediate psychosocial support for women and children as well as implementation of sexual harassment prevention policies.

We will be bringing these demands in our advocacy to governments and policymakers. Sign your name in support and solidarity - we are in a race against time.



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